Don’t Be Normal! Be Weird! #ICON14

A view of Phoenix, Arizona from the downtown Sheraton hotel.

I snagged my schwag bag and a pile of papers, ads, and guides for #ICON14 from the front desk.  Of course I used my QR code to check in. The bright green and black bag they’d equipped me with was certainly big enough for all the free stuff being handed out throughout the event, along with my laptop (clever) and an extra pair of comfortable shoes. #Winesister Chelsea and I made it just in time to see the last half of Simon Sinek’s “Reconnect With Your Why; How Great Leaders Inspire and Eat Last. ” As we would soon find out, more than 3,000 Entrepreneurs and small business/marketing/social media enthusiasts piled into that Phoenix’s Convention on the sunny 90 degree Wednesday for #ICON14, hosted by Infusionsoft. Continue reading

My Run-in with the PCT


My familiar green backpack leaned up against the metal chairs outside of Starbucks last Friday around 7:00am.  We were waiting for our ride, off to a new adventure, again. That pack has gained a few things since going on the Camino de Santiago last September, specifically a blue mummy bag which made it on this trip,  and then a camping knife and my new tent that arrived around Noon, later that day so I didn’t get to use then on this trip.

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Learning To Run

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.54.55 PM
All the way up through high school I was never able to run a a mile. I lifted  weights, did squats, power cleans, lunges etc, I was fit, but I never ran. I sucked at it. It seemed like my asthma was refusing to let me run like everyone else, even when I loved to do it. In college I learned to love to hike. I moved to Colorado and went through a long and slow acclimation of the 5,000 ft altitude in Fort Collins from sea level in Arizona in 2005 where I’d come from. I could run even less at that altitude, and the first time I picked up a bike there I barely made it around the block.

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