How do you embrace diversity?

Fellow Study Abroad Students at Bamberg - Schloss Seehof

Fellow Study Abroad Students at Bamberg – Schloss Seehof

I was lucky enough to see a very inspiring man speak last year at a conference, you may remember – I talk about it HERE . “Normal?” He pleaded, “who wants to be normal?” His presentation began with a slide picturing three upside-down bats. “Look outside the box, what do hanging bats look like if you flip over the picture?” “They look like some saucy vampire dance scene set in New York City.” The man giving the presentation was Seth Godin.

“Show up different, treat different people differently, you will get a different response,” he emphasized. Continue reading

Life, this incredible ride

You know you're close to Seattle when ...

You know you’re close to Seattle when …

One sunny Thursday a few weeks ago Brent called me, just as I was heading into the office. “So… EBR shut down, for good,” he said. I could hear the uncertainty on his lips, as if the impossible had just come crashing around him. His dream job had disappeared out from under his feet, over night.

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