One Way Tickets

“Annie Surrey had just completed a successful study abroad year in Europe and wasn’t yet ready to face going back home. She devised the great plan, of no plans. She meticulously packed a small suitcase, not wanting to be weighed down by “things,” and bought a one way ticket from Germany to Barcelona, Spain, planning to travel on a whim the rest of the journey. On the plane ride to Barcelona she manages to sit by a handsome Spanish film director, Julian on his way to his movie premiere. When her acceptance of his offer for a lift from the airport into the city goes surprisingly well, and he invites her to his movie premiere, she takes it as a good sign to continue traveling and taking advantage of “terrible ideas.”

She became reliant upon the generosity of strangers without thinking of the cost. But Annie wiggles her way into the lives of some captivating strangers as her elaborate spider web of dreams, adventures, promises and encounters with others teach her the value of kindness and trust. Her travels lead her not only to Barcelona and Madrid Spain, but the city of her dreams, Paris and beyond. 

Can she really trust in the kindness of strangers along the cobblestone streets of Europe?”

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