The Hills Do Have Eyes! – Adventure To Big Eye Mine Cabin

Jeep Wrangler Arizona Big Eye Mine Cabin


From the passenger seat I watched the front right tire of the jeep roll up, and twist over a big rock in the trail. In the shiny, black metal I could see the reflected red hued mountains in the distance along the desert trail, wrapped up in the endless, clear blue sky above.  Our friends followed along in an older little vehicle, their windows down, in awe at the Jeep crawling over the rocks, flexing and bending over the washed out parts of the road. It would go anywhere. It also made a big spectacle of everything it went over, a nimble black widow scampering across its web on long, nimble legs. Their little vehicle, sporting brand new little tires lightly rolled right over the same obstacle with much less of a show. The wind whistled between the cactus spines along the trail before us.

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My Run-in with the PCT


My familiar green backpack leaned up against the metal chairs outside of Starbucks last Friday around 7:00am.  We were waiting for our ride, off to a new adventure, again. That pack has gained a few things since going on the Camino de Santiago last September, specifically a blue mummy bag which made it on this trip,  and then a camping knife and my new tent that arrived around Noon, later that day so I didn’t get to use then on this trip.

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