We are flying together, covering ground. Huge lungs become mine, Hearts pounding together, we go. We’re one. Veins surging Hindquarters bunching Releasing. Muscles tighten Swirled masses of raw, power Tightly wrapped thick bones. Lurching forward Thin metal, held lightly in place Grips tiny nails, pounding the ground Muscles expand rapidly Rippling a roaring frame Front … Continue reading Flying

The Storm Horse

The wind howled against the windowpanes. His hooves pounded against her chest. Each step rattled the earth, shook her soul. He thundered up the hill, nostrils flared, Short, labored breath. They charged across powdery landscape. It moved with them. They were one, plowing through Snowdrifts and muddy cow-trails. Speckled brown and white, Fleabitten grey Fuzzy, coat … Continue reading The Storm Horse