O Friend! My Friend!

O Friend! My friend!

Our long ride is over. Chasing our mirage in the desert, we’re nearly there, one last storm and we’re over the hill! You’ve fought hard for every battle. Your desert hooves have torn under those prairie skies and Rocky Mountain summer, you turned the Plains asunder. Winter loomed ahead and you ran, you ran right in. You brought me through my biggest battle and with a courageous heart we charged forever on. Eight years past since our desert paradise and finally we were heading home. The storm lurked ahead, dark swirls and whipping winds around you, the lightening struck the thunder roared and you, you, little sorrel horse went right in. Continue reading

Leather Travels

29. April 2011

Today is my last day “horse-sitting” in Germany. The three-week experience has fully finally dampened my longing for horses, riding, and animals. These horses gave me  something to fuss over.  It took about an hour each way to get out to the barn, plus a 10-minute hike up a steep hill. Not only did I fix my horse craving I got in shape in the three weeks as well! I brought an apple with me for the road back each day as I moseyed my way down back to catch the bus, my feet jamming into the front square toes of my boots, which slowly started hurting quite badly by the end of it. Continue reading

Learning Soft Hands

I remember one of my favorite things about Shady Hollow was the nights that Laurel gave me a ride home in her little black and silver truck with the Navajo blanket draped over the bench seats.  The seats were filled with horse hay and granola bar wrappers.  I took these precious times to ask her as many questions as possible.  Her and her sister had lived the life I had only read about in books.

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