We are flying together, covering ground.

Huge lungs become mine,

Hearts pounding together, we go.

We’re one.

Veins surging

Hindquarters bunching


Muscles tighten

Swirled masses of raw, power

Tightly wrapped thick bones.

Lurching forward

Thin metal, held lightly in place

Grips tiny nails, pounding the ground

Muscles expand rapidly

Rippling a roaring frame

Front end soars

Yearning, reaching

He pulls himself forward,

His front feet thrust out.

He is in a leisurely gear.

A quick signal and he is stretching out

Muscles are winding tighter and reaching further

Hurling harder, faster

Lunging forward.

Ears perked, hair lashes out

He glides.

Nostrils flared, eyes wide

The large figure floats, he flies.

His legs become my legs

My heart becomes his

Our eyes searching for the same thing

We fly together.

To places we couldn’t alone.


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