One-Way Ticket Writing Sample

After a solid month of writing nothing besides my NaNoWriMo novel, I’ve come out a month later with a lot more to say, and a fairly in depth novella! I introduce to you a winner and completed 50,000 words in a month novel excerpt.

One-Way Ticket

Man sieht sich immer Zweimal

When a young woman decides to buy a series of one-way tickets across Europe, as a traveling single female, she learns quickly that she must trust her instincts. But then a foreign stranger offers her an opportunity she cannot refuse. Can she really trust in the kindness of strangers along the romantic cobblestone streets of Europe?

When Annie Surrey decides to explore Europe on her own after a yearlong study abroad, she never imagined what adventure might lay ahead. She becomes reliant upon the generosity of strangers without thinking of the cost. But Annie doesn’t find what she expected. She wiggles her way into the lives of some captivating strangers as her elaborate spider web of dreams, adventures, train rides, promises and encounters with strangers teach her the value of kindness. Her travels lead her not only to Barcelona and Madrid Spain, but the city of her dreams, Paris and beyond.

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