Bucket List

  1. Visit the White House in Washington, D.C.
  2. Teach in Africa
  3. Hike Machu Picchu
  4. Visit Dracula’s Castle, Romania
  5. Read all books on the BBC’s Top 100 Books List.
  6. Climb Mt. Fuji
  7. Win an award for a book
  8. See every country in Europe
  9. Ride in a hot air balloon 
  10. Take a Alaska State Ferry from Seattle to Haines, AK
  11. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  12. Visit Yellowstone National Park
  13. Take a cross country road trip
  14. Visit Niagra Falls
  15. Drink beer at Octoberfest
  16. Complete a 5k
  17. Teach someone a foreign language
  18. Learn to drive a stick shift
  19. Take a transatlantic cruise
  20. Spend the night in a Medieval castle
  21. Sing karaoke solo at a bar
  22. Kiss in the rain
  23. Visit Alaska
  24. Attend the Iditarod sled races in Alaska
  25. Ride a donkey into the Grand Canyon
  26. Roadtrip across Australia
  27. Kiss a dolphin
  28. Visit New Zealand
  29. See the ancient wonders of Egypt
  30. Learn a second language
  31. Learn a third language
  32. Hike the Camino de Santiago
  33. Learn a fourth language (French?)
  34. Take part in a Flash Mob
  35. Travel the Trans Siberian Railroad
  36. Take a trip to see glaciers and polar bears
  37. Ride an elephant
  38. See the Eiffel Tower
  39. Become a vegetarian (November 28th, 2013)
  40. Learn to sail a boat
  41. Visit the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland
  42. See and touch the Great Wall of China
  43. Swim to and stand behind a giant waterfall
  44. Ride an elephant in Thailand
  45. Kiss Oscar Wilde’s gravestone in Paris
  46. Have coffee with a total stranger
  47. The Appalachian Trail
  48. Become entirely out of debt
  49. Help someone complete an item on their bucket list
  50. Walk the Camino de Santiago  (160 miles of it)
  51. Hug under the eiffel tower
  52. Kiss under the eiffel tower
  53. Have my dream job (after I figure out what it is)
  54. Visit Transylvania and Dracula’s castle
  55. See the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican
  56. Visit all 50 United States (21 so far)
  57. Write a book 
  58. Finish the NaWriMo contest (November 30th, 2013)
  59. Visit all 7 Continents
  60. Learn to play the Piano
  61. Become skilled at all of the ballroom dances
  62. Live near the ocean
  63. Get a Master’s Degree
  64. Be an extra in a movie (Who knows which one? 😉 )
  65. Milk a cow
  66. Go whale watching
  67. Ride in a hot air balloon
  68. Be in Times square for New Years Eve
  69. See/Tour the Statue of Liberty
  70. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany (King Louis’ Fairytale castle)
  71. Learn to drive a motorcycle
  72. Visit the Galapogos Islands
  73. Visit the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland (2010)
  74. Visit India, and ride an Elephant there
  75. Visit Cape Town, South Africa
  76. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro  
  77. Visit Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) in Norway
  78. Visit Iceland (2011)
  79. See the Fjords in New Zealand
  80. Go on a Cruise with my Mom
  81. Visit Hawaii
  82. Start a Free-Hugs campaign
  83. Complete at least 5 Free-Hug campaigns
  84. The Pacific Crest Trail
  85. Bike 100 miles in one ride.
  86. Bike 80 miles in one ride
  87. Hitch-hike
  88. Visit the Cliffs of Moher
  89. Visit Statue of Liberty

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