One-Way Ticket Writing Sample

After a solid month of writing nothing besides my NaNoWriMo novel, I’ve come out a month later with a lot more to say, and a fairly in depth novella! I introduce to you a winner and completed 50,000 words in a month novel excerpt.

One-Way Ticket

Man sieht sich immer Zweimal

When a young woman decides to buy a series of one-way tickets across Europe, as a traveling single female, she learns quickly that she must trust her instincts. But then a foreign stranger offers her an opportunity she cannot refuse. Can she really trust in the kindness of strangers along the romantic cobblestone streets of Europe?

When Annie Surrey decides to explore Europe on her own after a yearlong study abroad, she never imagined what adventure might lay ahead. She becomes reliant upon the generosity of strangers without thinking of the cost. But Annie doesn’t find what she expected. She wiggles her way into the lives of some captivating strangers as her elaborate spider web of dreams, adventures, train rides, promises and encounters with strangers teach her the value of kindness. Her travels lead her not only to Barcelona and Madrid Spain, but the city of her dreams, Paris and beyond.

One-Way Ticket :

There was a long pause between the two of them. Creaking boards could be heard outside in the hallway and from people coming and going on the staircase. “Do you think we will ever find Elysium or a Utopia? Are we doomed to suffering? How do we know what we’re supposed to be doing?”

“We don’t, Annie. We do what we feel is right, and hope it’s the correct way. You know what the problem is Annie? You’re not like the other girls. I know I can have them, I know what they want. They’re easy to predict. I was with FuFu for a short time before I met you.  Those curls, that girl has some hair. She’s got a lot of energy, always looking for something new to do and explore. She will get tired of a guy fast if he cannot keep up with her. I didn’t want to keep up with her. I wanted someone to challenge me, to make me think. There were no hard feelings, though. We Just knew it wasn’t right.”

Annie stared at him with wide eyes. His structured jaw and dark features, he was the sort of guy women wanted. He knew how to be what they wanted him to be. And somehow she didn’t want him.

“Do not be sorry,” he told her. “Perhaps it was simply not meant to be. Now if you tell me to stop coming here and seeing Margeaux, I will not return. But I want you to know, she is a small bit of what keeps me sane. And she likes me.”

Annie looked down at the wooden floor beneath her shoes, she grabbed at the piece of paper in her pocket that held the scribbled number from  Luc in the café earlier. She felt the sharp edge of the papers between her fingers.

“Say something to me, Annie! You make me feel fake, and real, and alive and dead all at the same time. You make my heart feel like it could live again. You make me want to be a better person, and at the same time I want to hurt your heart as badly as you hurt mine! You make me want to rip my heart from my chest and hand it to you, dripping blood to the ground in front of you, now.”

“I’m sorry Aref, I’m sorry that I cannot give you what you want, or what you need. Its all become so confused now. I think you should keep seeing Margeaux if it makes you happy.”

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