Forgotten Toy


On the soiled wood

I sit, with dust around me

I wanted to play

And feel something, for once

The forgotten toy upon the shelf

Where you outgrew me, and soon forgot

The little toy you once bought.

With money earned and carefully saved.

Now I sit alone

Across the pretty ones

The new ones, the smart ones

But no one wants to play with the lonely one

The fat one, the ugly one, the sad one.

Slumping, my legs stretched out, I look to the ground

While invisible tears streak down.

You made me cry and left me alone.

I thought we’d be together forever,

But kids grow up and toys grow old

Now I’m alone, with no one to play

With the leftover, forgotten toy.

Why can’t we play?

What difference is there now?

I stretch my arms, reaching for love

Yearning for what I once felt

Your soft embrace and gentle play

To runaway, where we once went.

But you turn away.

So I’ll sit alone, all by myself

And wait for someone else

To come and play.

All alone, upon my shelf.

I’ll reach out my arms once again

For someone to love,

The forgotten toy.

©Kaysha Riggs 2010


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