O Friend! My Friend!



O Friend! My friend!

Our long ride is over. Chasing our mirage in the desert, we’re nearly there, one last storm and we’re over the hill! You’ve fought hard for every battle. Your desert hooves have torn under those prairie skies and Rocky Mountain summer, you turned the Plains asunder. Winter loomed ahead and you ran, you ran right in. You brought me through my biggest battle and with a courageous heart we charged forever on. Eight years past since our desert paradise and finally we were heading home. The storm lurked ahead, dark swirls and whipping winds around you, the lightening struck the thunder roared and you, you, little sorrel horse went right in.

Your legs were failing, your aging body was giving in but with a tail flick and eager ears shifted forward

We charged right into battle.

Your delicate legs were struggling, your heart was pumping, and your last battle had come.

For the race horn was blowing and calling your name.

But alas, my faithful steed, she did not answer.

My friend does not hear my call, does not feel my legs, she  has no pulse or will

She didn’t make it through her last storm. Our journey was complete; she knew she would not carry me further.

Together, we fought many battles, the little horse with the biggest heart, on your way to the desert Southwest, where Your pasture awaited,

But you were done, not one step more and I went back to Your desert alone

Where your beating hooves still echo.

You brought me through fearful tests, with the biggest heart of hearts.

Ring on victory bells, let’s cry a song of glory, my little desert horse has won.

My arm beneath your head, your hooves no longer pained, that little horse now runs with the greats, but has fallen cold and dead.

In loving memory of Connie, my dream horse.2001

2013. Connie: May 20th, 1992- August 20th 2013

3 thoughts on “O Friend! My Friend!

  1. DawnSeeker says:

    Beautiful! Moving. Real.

    We share so much with these regal beings, on so many levels ~ and yet one day, we must say goodbye. Heavy. And yet, without love, there is no loss.

    It takes a while to process this transition and grief.

    Your piece prompted me to pull up my file of when I lost my life-long Arabian horse, Mentor.

    I wanted to share this (as yet unpublished piece) with you. Written June 14, 2010 ~ the morning of the day I had him put down. So, like your beautiful piece, this stuff is coming from the very moment ~ to gather strength . . . to sort it out. And to honor the love we shared!

    As writers, It’s like all the training we’ve had in Journaling, in Creative Writing, was preparing us, somehow, for this.

    I Walk You to the Gate Today

    I walk you to the Gate today
    Because I love you so ~ because
    Our souls are intertwined,
    And this our spirits know ~

    That earthly time is short and fleet
    And now our time is through ~
    And you must walk back to the
    Gate, initially, you came through.

    We’ve lived and loved and grown
    Together here, sharing life, side by side.
    And now it’s time to take your leave,
    And on your spirit fly ~ back to

    The world of light and love
    From whence your spirit came ~
    I’ll see you there when my time comes ~
    I’ll hear you call my name.

    You’ve done all things I’ve asked
    Of you, you’ve done them all so well.
    And now I ask, remember me,
    And may our journey’s tell

    The story of our life and love
    That shared this earthly plane ~
    The moment’s sought, the lessons
    Taught, the love that still remains.

    So now the task is fresh at hand,
    To set your spirit free.
    I walk you to the Gate today
    And know you’re thanking me ~

    Be brave, Dawn, be brave
    Be brave for Mentor now.
    Walk him to the Gate today,
    Get through this day somehow!

    Be brave, Mentor, be brave, for
    God has called you home ~ we
    Each shall walk to the Gate one day
    But we don’t walk alone!

    Angels ~ come and get him ~
    Cross with him to the other side.
    Protect his heart, protect his soul,
    And let his spirit fly!

    Copyright © 2010 Dawn Jenkins


    • Kaysha says:

      Thank you for that-it really is a wonderful poem. The words, “I walk you through the gate today” hit home because I too had to put my mare down as well, and its rough to make that decision. It is that crucial fine line of deciding if it isn’t more cruel to keep them with us because we love them so. I also had to walk her through that last gate. Its a horrible decision to have to make, and we have to know that it is the right one, but we do. Since I couldn’t actually say the words about what happened, I borrowed some dramatic style from Walt Whitman. Words can be so powerful.

  2. DawnSeeker says:

    As stewards of our horse’s well-being, it is a rough decision for each of us to make. But we know when it’s time. We don’t want them to suffer. And Nature isn’t necessarily kind. By not intervening, they do suffer. That’s why it’s so important to love them each and every time we interact with them. Because we never really know which day . . . And that’s what they teach us about Life ~ to live and love and be here NOW ~ not all wrapped up in our heads.

    I just picked up my 2nd-generation mare from the breeder today — ultrasound confirmed — two-weeks in foal! : ~ ) When we take good care of the generations, we get to see the ‘old’ within the new ~ the continuation. And that’s a wonderful thing! I hope you find another horse to love!

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