To Ride A Bike

bikelovenightNow I leave this little bar, who stole my night
In great company and bold conversation.
I’m riding through dampened moonlight,
Blurred white lines and whirring leaves
The moon shines and disappears,
She peaks through trees.
I’m heading West, I trust the mountains
But I can’t see well.
He’s riding next to me. His curly locks in the wind
The world is barely visible but I trust the road.
I hear his bike, clicking gears, flying
We sell our souls to the road.
A moment, in the night, we go.
We fly along the pavement, side by side in silence
My aluminum against his metal
I inch ahead, breaths heavy
Tiny rubber tires shove harder into the ground
I click a lever, a new gear grips down
My hair flies back, knuckles tighten around pink wrapped bars
Leaning forward, further and further
I smell the rubber, my wrapped grips
Closer and closer I hug my bike
My fingers wrap around her, caress her curves.
Faster and faster we go
A red light looms ahead, I yearn for green
I’m beating him
Breaths heavy, our tires screech
Side by side we chase down Mountain Street
He stretches out his arm to me, I slow down.
Its quiet out, no cars around.
At 2:00 AM the world sleeps
But my heart is beating, my eyes wide.
We slide to a stop, straddling our wheels
He leans over
I lean in.
So remain the blurry nights and tight tires
A perfect moment, on a cold night.

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