Can Lambs Become Lions?

Now I don’t get your morals, and I don’t get your words

You’re surrounded by a world that plays low blows and reverbs.

That’s not a fair playing field, and no one is right,

But like cattle to slaughter

We back down from the fight.

We fall into greed, we suffer from envy

Don’t know who to follow because our shepherd’s astray

Now we’re a lost generation, don’t know where we belong

Don’t know who we are, or where we came from.

But what happened to lambs into lions?

Did the lions turn to lambs?

Mass inoculations

And prescription pills

Fighting to be first

Forgetting to think.

We don’t question,

We don’t seem to mind,

Just follow the leader

And follow him blind.

All we believe is what we’re told to use

Prescriptions to take, and drugs to abuse

Too much energy, you must have ADD,

You’re much too quiet, there must be something wrong

Perhaps all you need is a mountain to cruise

To find yourself again,

Under clear skies and open air.

But people flock to the masses

Unable to choose

What is right for themselves,

They’re just singin’ their blues.

Mindin their own business, and not watchin’ the clues

So what happens to the stories that don’t get told?

On the flashing screens, in mass advertisements

By the methodic calm voices of the everyday news.

What sort of stories do we miss everyday?

What sort of heroism is skipped that way?

People helping people, and showing compassion

That’s the stuff they forget to tell

The power of your neighbor, of the friendly face on the street

They don’t mention that strangers lend a helping hand,

Thousands of flights happen every day, no one gets hurt

But with the violence flashing before our eyes

There is nothing left

But fear and hate,


The wondrous things happen every day,

“Let’s just let people fight people”

And keep em’ at bay.

Everyone is portrayed as dangerous, insane.

Those who are different contrast those who abstain

From thinking for themselves, those doing what’s right,

Not because someone told them too, but because it’s all black and white

Whats right and what’s wrong, its all crystal clear

So what happened to

Standing up for the fight, for the things that are right

Standing up to be proud

Defending yourself,

Defending your pride.

We think too much and we care too little,

Words come out of our mouths

But we’re not saying a thing

Over educated, suffocating, choking on our own bills

We’re drowning in our own pursuit of happiness.

Being kicked while we’re down

At a loss for words

We go quiet, we go silent,

With our nose to the ground.


The mind is its own place, and in itself
 can make

A heav’n of hell, a hell of heav’n. 

If we cant save ourselves

Cant get up,

With help from one another,

If we cant think for ourselves and band together,

Stop believing everything we hear,

If we continue on, afraid of each other

No progress will be made

We’re just heading to slaughter.

© Kaysha Riggs 2014


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