Guardian Angel

My pint-sized angel packaged in silky down

Overseeing my petty childish steps

Is my guardian angel, and my childhood pet.

Though sadly I paid no heed

To my little white winged guardian

Cooing and beckoning for warm affection

So occasionally I stopped

And those snowy feathers my Lilliputian hands gathered up

And there he perched upon my finger, to coo and puff

With a heavy motion his body swelled

And let out a heaving lullaby

In rhythms of comfort with patience,

From inside he spoke, upon my beckoning finger.

On troublesome nights

With the moon full and complete

He chanted soft hymns

Keeping his little maiden, asleep

Where no evil dreams might stray

His mighty soft voice lulled her into the day.

Untainted by evil the dove is said to remain

While to devilish creatures, any other winged creatures may fall

It is only the dove that no such evils may fain

From his milky smooth feathers rippled

The power to find peace in the hearts of hardened men

Though how ironic it is

From himself evil was created

To the vane of an arrow,

A man’s death may be won, time and again.

So shows a snowy dove

A tiny spark of kindness, in a little girl’s cruel world

This magical creature I maintained

While growing up in a big unsettling place

My pet dove, my own guardian angel

Who stayed with me, till childhoods end.

My little guardian angel,

One day flew awayANgel

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