Let’s Play

Let’s play!

Like puppies in a basket

Or actors on a stage

I just wanna play with you.

You scrutinize and stare

As the famished lion watches his prey

A longing hunger growls thick inside

Watching her free and innocent steps

With hard, squinted, aching eyes.

Beautiful, and tender bouncing before him

It pains him and he wants, it.

I strut and play before you!

She grasps for breath in excited exertion

With smooth, fragile movements

Poking and giggling and running away

Let’s play a game, she says.

What do you taste like? I wonder

Prancing, like a wild filly on a brisk day

I laugh, and tickle and prod around

To see if you’ll follow, I lick you and run away.

With a carefree smirk I glance back

Determined, with a patient expression, you follow

Yearning, holding back, waiting for a wrong move.

Impatience grows, but you control yourself

Watching with experience, the game before you.

As your pretty little songbird dances and sings

Your eyes glaze over, intent on other things

Slowly, closer

My game is over, you’re no fun

I want to put you back now

Back on your shelf, I’m done.

You keep coming on, moving in,

I don’t understand…

I back away, my playful eyes quiver, confused.

You can go away now…

Flustered and scared,

Each backward step, yours forward, quicker.

I choke on my fear

He found his chance.

Her dance was over,

He played his game

She didn’t understand.


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