The Whiskey Sister HerStory Tour Begins…

A newbie to the world of distilled liqueurs, I’ll soon be devoting my research to not only whiskey, but whiskey in the West and the women who helped shaped that history. I’ll be searching out the kinds of women you’d find.. perhaps drinking a glass of whiskey to feature in the upcoming Whiskey Sister Herstory Tour. I am setting out on a historic RV Adventure through the past.  On Thursday May 22nd, Aliza Sherman and I will drive up to Las Vegas to gather four amazing women who will celebrate the premier of the whiskey for “Real Women Who Drink Whiskey.” tina_solo

The Whiskey Sister HerStory tour will begin in Sin City (Las Vegas Nevada) where we will rent an RV to travel back in time through Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, to take a tour of women’s history in the American Southwest. The trip will take us back to my hometown of Yuma, Arizona to celebrate an evening of good food, great history and beautiful company at the Yuma Territorial Prison and Tina’s Cocina. Tina happily shares tales of her and her family’s vibrant and colorful history with the some of the best cooks and chef’s from around the world, and the of the women of the Arizona desert Southwest. Moving on through our tour, up to Prescott’s Whiskey Row and Sharlot Hall museum, and later to the El Rancho hotel in Gallup and Georgia O’Keefe’s Studio,  we are searching out the badasses, the rebels, the Annie Oakleys of American’s Southwest, to search out these women of history’s tales. We will then head back to the desert sands of Arizona for some Navajo canyon tours and to experience the magical desert of Page and Lake Powell Arizona. We then make our way for our last day together with an evening on the town in Vegas where we will slip into our little black dresses and get dolled up at the DollHouse before we sit back with the RatPack and dine at the PepperMill.  Our own group of iconoclastic adventurers on the RV are motorcycle adventurer Carla King, Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel, filmmaker and entrepreneur (that’s right, she’s got her own IMDB Page!)  Melissa Pierce, social media manager for Wine Sisterhood Chelsea Duran and of course TravelGirl and Digital Diva Aliza Sherman. You can read more about all of us here.


You can follow or adventures for the week through the West on our Whiskey Sister Tumblr,  share our journey and our tweets with us via #WhiskeySister and the sign up here for our quick updates, and  I’ll share my own tid bits from the road via my @serindipitie Instagram, my @serindipitie Twitter, and my Trover account.  We also managed to pull together a few great sponsors for our RV Adventures : Cabot Cheese, Trover, ThinOptics, PopChips, Krave Jerky, Wine Sisterhood and Whiskey Sister. So there should be no shortage of cheese, snacks and fun on this RV for 1800 miles of desert driving. Connect with the Whiskey Sister Herstory Tour on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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2 thoughts on “The Whiskey Sister HerStory Tour Begins…

  1. Diane Laguna says:

    Congrats Kaysha! This is your 3rd grade tchr. beaming w/ pride over reading about your adventures in our Yuma Sun paper today! You were always a smart-go getter ! Hv fun on your travels & stay safe! Love, Mrs. Diane Laguna

  2. Kaysha says:

    Hi Mrs. Laguna! I’m glad you came across our trip’s adventures, I was super excited to read a message from you.

    We are having a blast on the trip, we’re on the RV heading to Taos, New Mexico now.

    P.S , thanks for being an amazing teacher 😉

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