For the Love of Art, and Verfremdung

Artists often criticize; they interpret the world within a new light; they portray a point through imagery. The Hunger Artist by Franz Kafka portrays a figure who is so obsessed with his own art and artistic interpretation, he takes it upon himself to torture his own body in order to criticize his onlookers, almost as the old ascetic Monks separated themselves in order to bring themselves closer to God. Continue reading

The Yuma Crossing

Kofa Wildlife Refuge

Kofa Wildlife Refuge

The further I go from Yuma, Arizona the more I appreciate what I have gained from growing up in the desert. You gain some value in temperature perspective. I don’t remember the 115 degrees in the summer time as a kid, and my memory seems to not recall burning my bare toes on the sidewalk in the summer.  I do remember being outside every day, all summer. Contrary to popular belief there are lots of things for the adventurous kid to do in the desert.
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Sankt Peter-Ording and Breklum, Northern Germany


During our CouchSurfing and mitfahrgelegenheit adventures in the northernmost border of Germany we passed through the small village of Breklum. The origins of this town can be traced back to the 4300–2300  BC and the church itself was built in 1200.  It was the church in which my great great great great relatives (I haven’t exactly counted quite how great) were married. Continue reading

Eine Analyse zweier Bücher, der Untergang der Menscheit in Effi Briest und Fabian

Aber gelangt der Mensch dadurch in sein Menschsein, an seinen Topos, so liegt doch seine höchste Möglichkeit, der Aufenthalt im Bereich des Bleibenden, über die Polis hinaus in der Theoria. Theoria und Praxis sind neben- und miteinander bestehende Lebenshaltungen, verbinden sich aber nicht zu einer höhereren Einheit. ~ Karl Schuhmann

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Moving Forward Requires Balance

In order for humans to learn a language they must acquire basics of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and of course vocabulary. Language is a method of communication; a way of conveying wants, needs and thoughts with other people.  Second language students do not need to be taught how to learn a language because they already speak one.  To learn a second language,  it must be spoken, misspoken, and used in every way possible and in a variety of contexts, and mistakes must be made.  Continue reading

O Friend! My Friend!

O Friend! My friend!

Our long ride is over. Chasing our mirage in the desert, we’re nearly there, one last storm and we’re over the hill! You’ve fought hard for every battle. Your desert hooves have torn under those prairie skies and Rocky Mountain summer, you turned the Plains asunder. Winter loomed ahead and you ran, you ran right in. You brought me through my biggest battle and with a courageous heart we charged forever on. Eight years past since our desert paradise and finally we were heading home. The storm lurked ahead, dark swirls and whipping winds around you, the lightening struck the thunder roared and you, you, little sorrel horse went right in. Continue reading

A Regroup From The Camino

September 18th, 2013. I guess, its time to regroup. I was so busy walking everyday it was easy to not realize how quickly our walking turned into racing. It’s time for a bit of an explanation. After 12 days of solid 5-6 hours of walking each day, and walking around 150 miles, and getting into what I thought was the groove of the Camino, our Camino de Santiago came to a screeching halt. Continue reading